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Fabergé, a legendary jewelry house loved by European royalty, including the Russian Romanov family, landed in Korea earlier this year. Starting with Chaumet and Mauve Saint in the past, Baejae Trading Co., Ltd., which currently imports Parisian high jeweler Koloff and independent watchmaker Titony in Grenchen,replica watches Switzerland, is in charge of exclusive distribution and sales in Korea.
Fabergé marked the beginning of its splendid reputation when French-born goldsmith Gustav Fabergé moved to St. Then, when the founder's eldest son, Peter Carl Fabergé, took over the family business in 1882, Fabergé took off as a jewelry house that was loved not only in Russia but also in the entire European royal family. In particular, Imperial Easter eggs, a luxurious egg-shaped exceptional bespoke object, received absolute affection from the Romanov family, starting with Alexander III of Russia at the time, and were sold in over 50 different worlds from 1885 to 1916. One-of-a-kind pieces have been completed (for reference, a total of 44 Faberge eggs found so far are mostly owned by famous museums or belong to private collections such as the British and Danish royal families, Rothschild and Forbes).
It was given as an Easter gift to his wife, Empress Maria Fyodorovna, by Tsar Alexander III, and a piece that was lost after the Russian Revolution was later accidentally purchased by a collector in the American antiques market for $14,000 at a London auction in London in 2014. and sold for a whopping 33 million dollars (approximately 42 billion won based on the current exchange rate), drawing a lot of attention as 'the most expensive egg in the world'. For reference, if you open the cover of the detachable head from the pedestal,replica omega a watch made by Vacheron Constantin will be revealed.
This is a special necklace from the heritage collection made to commemorate the coronation of King Charles III at Westminster Abbey in London, England on May 6. The yellow gold egg pendant is decorated with intense red guilloché enamel, symbolizing the British royal family. The decoration and golden carriage shape is a miniature reproduction of the coronation carriage used in the actual British royal ceremony in 1762.
Chi Siamo

Architettura e arredo d'interni
stampa digitale diretta di decori d'arredo

Questa particolare applicazione è resa possibile dall'oppurtunità di stampare decorazioni, immagini, o marchi personalizzati direttamente su mobili, vetri e lampade.

Design e Allestimenti fieristici
stampa diretta su tutti i tipi di supporti

Il nostro servizio di stampa diretta su supporti rigidi e non trova una delle sue applicazioni più importanti nella realizzazione di pannelli stampati, espositori, display e insegne pubblicitariedi grandi dimensioni, stand e spazi espositivi per fiere o per presentazioni aziendali.

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